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4-week Session:                          June 19 through July 14, 2017  (Monday-Friday)

Morning Program:                       Three classes daily      8:00am-12:00pm

Afternoon Program:                    Three classes daily      12:30pm-4:30pm

 Ages 6 + (Students Must Have Completed Kindergarten)

(also available as a PDF document)

Morning Classes   8am-12pm

Taiko Drumming with Haley Yama-Gokan: This class is an introduction to traditional Japanese Taiko drumming and Okinawan drumming songs, movements and notation. Drumming will create an excellent body-cardiovascular-brain workout for young students and is a great way for students to incorporate movement to create exhilarating sounds. Haley has been a student and understudy to Aki Conquest and currently teaches taiko drumming to students throughout the year. Haley loves to work with children and is excited to be a part of the 2017 Kauai Academy of Creative Arts summer program. 

Becoming Creative with Airbrush Painting with Frank Beho: This class will give students the opportunity to learn the basic operations and applications of airbrushing as a form of self-expression. They will be able to use the airbrush technique through painting on a variety of surfaces and creating their masterpieces in the process! Frank Beho has been an instructor for Kauai Academy of Creative Arts in the past and we are happy to welcome him and his talent back to our program. He is a passionate artist and has been painting and teaching others for many years. Frank currently works as a P.E. teacher at Wilcox and is excited to teach Airbrush Painting this summer for Kauai Academy of Creative Arts.  *Becoming Creative with Airbrush Painting will require an additional $15 lab fee to cover ink and material costs.  

Book and Journal Making with Elisabeth Dingus: Come and learn the art of book and journal making! This class will offer everything from grinding our own inks to making our own paper that will be used to bind our own journals. Book and Journal making will also throw in some painting, drawing, printing, as well as the study of a few famous artists and we will have a fantastic time using different creative processes! Elisabeth Dingus has worked teaching children for the past 15 years. Whether as an elementary school teacher, tutor, afterschool art teacher or stay at home mom, she always has fun creating with kids! This will also be her fourth year teaching for Kauai Academy of Creative Arts. 

3D Art and Sculpture with Brooke Mae: Children are happiest when they have room to play, create, and be the masters of their own creative process. Our 3D Art and Sculpture course gives children the opportunity to work with a variety of materials, including traditional art mediums and natural, synthetic, and upcycled items to have rich tactile experiences while creating unique works of art. Children are able to move, manipulate, control, and change objects, opening doors to imagination, creativity, and self-directed work. Brooke May, an early childhood teacher and art instructor believes in the philosophy that children learn by doing, and need ample opportunities to develop their own voice and style. After introducing concepts along with new and interesting materials, children will lead the way in the design of their own unique pieces as Brooke supports them as a facilitator in planning and execution. 

Formative Jazz Dance with Patric Knight: This class is geared towards teaching basic stretching and techniques of Jazz Dance that are the “building blocks” to all areas of movement that are expected for any audition that your child may experience throughout his or her life! This class will require your child’s creative input using each individual child’s ability and talent that will result in a final culminating piece at the end of the program for all to see and enjoy! As a professional dancer, singer, and actor Patric has been in show business in one way or another since he was seven years old. The majority of his work has been on stage with experience in musicals, plays, and dancing with several professional ballet companies. Patric is currently playing the role of Luther Billis in Kauai’s own production of “South Pacific”. Patric loves teaching and working with kids, this will be his fourth summer working for Kauai Academy of Creative Arts! 

Afternoon Classes 12:30pm-4:30pm

Beginning Keyboard with Lindsey Phelps: This beginner keyboarding class will teach the students the basics of keyboard and piano playing. We will focus on learning to read notes, read rhythms, as well as some scales and chords. Time in class will be spent both on and off the keyboards. While playing, students will be working individually and in small groups to learn basic techniques in fun and engaging ways. By the end of the class, students will be able to play short beginner songs together. Lindsey Phelps has been a teacher here on Kauai for six years. This is her second summer at Kauai Academy of Creative Arts and she is happy to be coming back again this year. In the past, she taught music and band at Kapaa Middle School and is currently teaching private piano lessons. Music has always been a big part of her life and she has been singing, playing piano, saxophone, and ukulele for many years. 

Hip-Hop Dance For Kids with Emma Leary: Hip-Hop 4 Kids: This high-energy dance class for beginning hip-hoppers motivates exercising, stretching, and getting funky and fun all at once! Every student will leave this class with a new knowledge of the importance of expression through dance and movement. The hip-hop dance style provides students with a chance to find confidence in themselves and their personality through the growth and learning of how self-expression can make each child a better dancer. As a lifelong dancer Emma Leary has picked up a great deal of knowledge about self-expression, confidence, and learning to take creative risks through her dance education at Aloha Dance Studio. Emma has performed and choreographed with the Senior Company for many events and organizations, including Relay for Life, the Kauai County Fair, and much more! Emma is passionate about inspiring young dancers to be themselves and express their emotions through fun and active dance styles like hip-hop. 

2D Studio Art with Brooke May: The 2D Art program is a great introduction to drawing, painting, collage and more. Children will have the opportunity to learn about art history, technique, and style as they take their own ideas to the canvas. Traditional and non-traditional materials will be used as children explore the “behavior” of a given medium over a surface while having a rich sensorial experience. Both individual art and collaborative efforts will be explored in this course. Brooke May, an early childhood teacher and art instructor and has been working with children in various capacities for 14 years. She enjoys creating her own works of art through drawing, painting, photography, and lettering, and is thrilled to share these skills and experiences with the children of Kauai. 

Young Actor’s Studio with Patric Knight: In this class we will be enjoying the fun of actively learning (from the young actors standpoint), the most important aspects of what it takes to put something such as a play on stage from beginning to end. We will be having fun learning various techniques needed for this process from the conceptual stages, throughout the audition process to developing, creating and owning characters all the way to the creation of life on stage with the final product……..The Play!! Patric has Most recently studied with AA (Actors Anonymous) and the Professional Actors Conservatory in SLC, Utah as well as Adam Hill Actor’s Studio in LA, CA. Along with many years performing in musical theatre.  Patric is very excited not only to be continuing his 4th year at KACA’s (Kauai Academy of Creative Arts) Summer Program as the Formative Jazz Dance teacher but is also proud to present … The Young Actor’s Studio!!!