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4-week Session: June 15 through July 10, 2020  (Monday-Friday)

Morning Program: Three classes daily, 8:00am-12:00pm

Afternoon Program: Three classes daily, 12:30pm-4:30pm

 Ages 6 + (Students Must Have Completed Kindergarten)


Morning Classes   8am-12pm

Taiko Drumming with Haley Yama-Gokan:  This class is an introduction to traditional Janpanese and Okinawan drumming songs, movements and notation. Drumming will create an excellent body-cardiovascular-brain workout for young students and is a great way for students to incorporate movement to create exhilarating sounds. Haley has been a student and understudy to Aki Conquest and currently teaches taiko drumming to students throughout the year. Haley loves to work with children and is excited to be a part of the 2019 Kauai Academy of Creative Arts summer program.

Expression Art with Kara Swink
EXPRESS YOURSELF Abstract Exploration with Kara Swink Class takes place in the morning Create collage and poetry in this summer’s abstract exploration class. Every week, students will learn about a modern artist and incorporate new technique. Students will construct a unique book from found images and words within magazines. Students will express through spoken word alongside their artwork, if they choose. Additional exercises on creativity and self-exploration will be facilitated.

Drawing from Australia with Derek Glaskin: Who’d like to learn how to draw like an Australian?  What’s the difference between drawing like an Auzzie and drawing local style you ask… well come to class and find out!  Of course it’s going to be fun and if you can think you can’t draw, well I’m going to show you, oh yes, you absolutely can!

Two teachers, Three Artistic Mediums:
1. Colleen Ogino—Print and Mosaics A former middle school art teachers returns after many years. Week one of
class us PRINT with colorful paints reflecting the style of Eric Carle. The second week students will create a ceramic tile with
bits and pieces for a one of a kind college.
2. Amy Barr — Drawing and Painting
Returning from Virginia Amy Barr brings Art Adventures to Kauai, combining art techniques, creativity, and imagination.
Students will create paintings that will dazzle you! Using high quality supplies, students will learn to sketch and paint an
animal of their choice, a landscape and more. Amy teaches how to draw using pastels, water colors and charcoal.

Afternoon Classes 12:30pm-4:30pm

Drawing with Derek Glaskin:You’ve heard the phrase drawing from nature?   Learn how to make pictures from scrap papers. When there is no pens, markers or pencils, there is always scrap paper.  Learn the cool art of colorful collage.

Hip-Hop Dance with Jennifer Blee-Grey: Jennifer Bell-Grey is the Co-director of Kauai Dance Center in Nawiliwili and started teaching at the Kauai Academy of Creative arts in 1999. She has over 20 years teaching experience in ballet, hip hop, lyrical, Spanish dance and received a degree in teaching from the Royal Ballet School in London, England. Jennifer professionally choreographs for film & tv and dancers can be seen on the Mokan & Nokan Show on OV16.

Creative art with Kara Swink: Students will learn and reflect on environmental needs of our island and world. Students will create original slogans and original art to convey their ideas about environmental concerns. Please bring local newspapers and magazines for the class to use.

Driftwood with Misu Sumida:
Driftwood and other recycled materials, student will make Ho’o pono pono sticks and mobiles from driftwood.
Students will also creative pictures utilizing a scratch art technique.

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